Packing & Unpacking Services

Packing is one of the most important aspects of any relocation. Doing it properly will ensure that your belongings and fragile items will arrive at your new location in perfect condition.

While some customers choose to pack everything by themselves, others prefer our professional movers to do it for them. All of our crew members are trained to provide highest quality packing services for moves of any size.

MOVING 4 US offers four packing service options described below:

Basic packing. We will wrap all basic furniture with our moving blankets and tapes for you, making sure each side and corner is properly secured. This option is available to all our customers at no additional cost.

*Please note that basic packing does not cover personal belongings, appliances, fragile items (e.g. dishes, TVs, mirrors, etc.), or special items (e.g. artwork, pianos, hot tubs, motor scooters, etc.). Customers need to pack those items in advance or they can use one of the options below as needed.

Packing of individual items. This option is good for customers who have already packed most of their belongings, but would still like our help protecting only a few fragile/special items, such as TVs, mirrors, artwork, pianos, hot tubs, motor scooters, etc. We build all kind of crates to secure any type of fragile/special items.

Partial packing. If you choose to go with our partial packing service, our movers will pack all larger fragile items and furniture for you, including all TVs, mirrors, artwork, and the like. You as a customer will be responsible for packing the rest (clothes, kitchen items, appliances, etc.).

Full packing.  This is our white glove service that includes us packing everything from clothes and dishes to larger fragile items for you. You won’t need to lift a finger! Full packing option is best for customers who are short on time and/or have a lot of belongings to move where packing by yourself can become difficult.

Please let us know in advance if you’d like to use any of the packing services above in addition to basic packing and we’ll provide you with the costs of required materials and labor right away.

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