Moving Tips

We understand that part of offering our clients high quality moving services involves providing valuable information on how to best prepare for your moving day. Here you can find a few useful tips from how to solicit an accurate estimate to how to get ready for the arrival of our movers.

Make yourself a moving checklist outlining everything that needs to be done before, and after, your move.
Get boxes in assorted sizes. Start collecting them from your local merchants, or purchase them from your local hardware store. Liquor boxes are excellent. They are sturdy and contain dividers making them ideal for packing glasses, goblets, vases, etc.–but make sure these boxes have lids. You may leave clothing and other items in drawers but must remove any ammunition, currency, and jewelry.
When booking please be sure to be as detailed as possible about your move and your expectations. If you are booking online using our online quote, when you submit your quote/booking form you want to make sure to include any information that may affect of the cost or time your move. Driveway being on a hill, elevator not working, 3rd floor move, excessive boxes, or any special instructions for the movers.
Packing may take more time than you might expect. It usually takes several full days of packing to finish the packing process. You will likely want to start packing a few weeks or even months prior to the move. This can help you to break the process up into smaller components.
While you should start packing early, there are many things that you will simply be unable to pack far in advance. When you start the packing process, you will want to ensure that you start with the items that you don’t need. Holiday decorations, sentimental belongings, and many other items may be packed in the early stages to help you start the process earlier.
One of the most important packing tips is to label all of your boxes as you pack them. You should label each box with the area where it will belong, as well as what the box contains. This will ensure that each box is delivered to the right location when it is moved into the new home. It will also help to ensure that you can find things you need more easily.

When you are packing, it is essential that you have good-quality moving boxes. Though you may be tempted to recycle older boxes, these are flimsier and are likely to break on the job. By obtaining sturdy moving boxes, you can prevent accidents from occurring.

Packing your home all at once can easily feel overwhelming. Breaking the process into smaller pieces can make it far more manageable. You may want to consider packing one room up at a time. Start in the least used rooms and ensure you pack up the kitchen last.